Warranty Policies

Defective product

Your item came in defective or started showing some defect after installation? We do our best to not let any defective products out to our customers, but we are all humans and sometime would not notice the problem.


Do not worry, simply let us know what is wrong or what happened & we will take care of the problem by replacing defective product 100% free of any charges including shipping.


Include a picture or video if possible that shows the problem for quality assurance. Please do not worry, we take pride in what we do and will never let our customers down!

Please note, we do not offer monetary reimbursement for warranties, only replacements.

Received wrong item

Contact us immediately if you noticed that you have received wrong item. We strive to for error-free shipping, but mistakes do happen, but we will always fix it in no time.

All replacement expenses will be on us, you will not be asked to pay anything or send anything back.


It happens, been there, done that. We know exactly how you feel, you got the wrap you really wanted but something went sideways and it does not look pretty and becomes an eyesore. At Custom Case, we believe that taking care of our customers is more important than any profit and because of that, we have a special policy dedicated to this matter.

Contact us if this happened to you and you really want to get a second chance & install your vinyl skin perfect! Let us know what happened, send us some pictures or video. We will send you new replacement of exact same design for the same device. The only thing that we will ask you to cover is the shipping.

Please note, you can use this policy only once per order. We  rely on your honesty and hope that our desire to help our customers will not be abused.