What is a vinyl skin?

To put it simple, vinyl skin is a decal, that is installed on your device. It can have any design, from digitally printed to textured vinyl. Vinyl skins add little to none thickness to your device and protects it from general wear & tear.

How is it made?

All our skins are printed with industry leading large format  printers & laminated with cast overlaminate. After printing & lamination is done, plotter cuts out specific pattern that will fit your device. All of our patterns are precise, it means it will cover your device almost completely! Around speakers, any ports or buttons.

How about quality?

We strongly believe that there is no compromise when it comes to materials. We use only cast vinyls made by 3M & Avery Dennison. For last 13 years, they gave us best result possible. There are many "cheaper" skins on the market, and most of the time you would not tell the difference initially but as time goes by, cheap material will show its true face. That is why we do our best to give our customers best product for the best price possible.

Will vinyl skin protect my phone just like a case?

Unfortunately no, it will not protect your device just like a case. Vinyl skin will protect your device from general, day-to-day use like lite scratches or scuffing but lets be real here, if you drop your phone, vinyl skin will not do anything extra to protect it. 

If you do go with vinyl skin, we do recommend putting tempered glass screen protector on your phone. Few dollars will save you from replacing your screen if it will get smashed. And yes, we do offer tempered glass screen protectors for sale along with our skins.

I want to remove/change my vnyl skin, is it hard to do?

All of our vinyl skins can be peeled of easily when you want it without leaving adhesive/glue on your device. Sometimes minor spots of adhesive my be left behind but its easily wiped off with some rubbing alcohol & paper towel.

I want a custom design skin, can you do it?

Yes, we sure can. Just send us email with files that you want to use and we can make it happen. Best part yet, we will NOT charge you extra for custom work. It will be same price as our stock designs.

Any requests can be send to support@mycustomcase.ca